Takeuchi TBO16 Excavator

This compact excavator is small but boasts great ease of operation, while its automatically expandable track frame makes it very convenient.

Half Day $264.00
Full Day $330.00
Week Rate $1320.00

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Adjustable suspension 
The adjustable suspension seat has noticeably improved operability and comfort for the operator, while there is plenty of leg room and seating comfort is outstanding. It comes luxuriously equipped in a class with excellent durability.

Two-speed travel
The manually operated button makes changing speed easy and enables fine control operation. The lever switch selects or deselects second gear, and the engine drops back to first gear if stopped.

Safety operator lockout lever
Lockable system for operation lever and travel lever ensures greater safety.

Internally routed attachment hoses
With bucket and auxiliary hydraulic hoses internally housed in the arm, the hose routing provides an unobstructed view to the work area. Operation is easier as well, which greatly improves work speed.

Expandable track frame
This feature is essential to ensure safety when offset digging and makes entry into building sites easy.